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    HIS and HERS

    Here’s His and Hers x39 Rifles. Both with 16″ carbine gas 7.62×39 KAK Barrels.

    She has Billet set with KAK handguard and Vortex PST 1-4 MOA Model (No turrets) with SSA trigger

    His is a regular upper/lower with Troy Alpha rail and Leopold vx-3 2.5-8×36. It shares a home with a Mr. Brown upper too, depending on operational operating conditions.

    His other Rifle is the MATEN 18″ with 3-15 scope, for California Hog Hunting… You pretty much need at least a .308 for 300-400yd shots with wind. Tad heavy compared to these 6.5lb guys, .308 is about 9lbs with scope.

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