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    I shoot both the 17 HMR and the new 17 WSM and I can tell you these rimfires are incredible. I have well over 4000 rounds through my Savage 93 17 HMR bolt gun with the bull barrel and the Boyds thumb hole stock, it is a tack driver! It makes Red Mist out of these ground squirrels we have here. The difference in performance over the trusted 22 long rifle is dramatic. This round is traveling 2550 fps out of a 17 grain bullet where as the 22 long rifle does 1200+-fps. Now enter the 17 WSM, it took a lot of flack when introduced because of the flimsy milk jug stock Savage put on the gun, but the BMAG Target rifle is equipped with a bull barrel and free floating Boyds thumb hole stock, it is another tack driver. My bolt gun likes Hornady and Federal ammo, it doesn’t like the Winchester 25 grain stuff. If you want a real rimfire that performs right next to the 17 Hornet then this is your gun. I paid $10.73 a box (50) rounds, that is cheap and it is Hornady 17 grain ammo. This gun will cut the same hole at 100 yards so you know that is dependable accuracy! The 17 WSM is going 3000 fps, that’s what your 223’s travel, it’s a very flat shooting round. If you do decide to get a Savage 17 WSM in bolt action I strongly suggest you invest in the BMAG Target model, Ruger also makes a fine 17 WSM, but expect to pay more $$ for them.