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      Mr Blonde

        Gavin Newsom’s Ammo Ban

        Gavin Newsom’s Ammo Ban ballot initiative is showing 78% signature validity, meaning it is highly likely to qualify for the November general election ballot.

        We are going to be in the fight for our lives this election.

        The Democratic Party and other elitists have dumped millions of dollars into the campaign to eviscerate the Second Amendment and gather the necessary signatures from uninformed Californians.

        Newsom may have coined it the “Safety for All” Act, but if the signatures needed to qualify for November hold up, nobody will be safe.

        The only guarantees will be mandatory ammunition purchase permits for all gun owners and confiscation of your legally-owned firearm parts!

        With an army of gun control fanatics behind him, Newsom thinks it will be an easy path to victory – and an easy path to stripping what is left of your gun rights.

        Here’s what Gavin’s anti-gun ballot initiative will really do:

        BAN all standard (“high-capacity”) magazines…even those “grandfathered” in
        BAN online and mail order / catalog ammunition direct purchases
        BAN the importation of ammunition purchased out-of-state
        DESTROY virtually all small business ammo retailers with insane new regulations
        CRIMINALIZE the sharing of ammunition between friends who may be hunting or shooting together
        MANDATE a new $50 DOJ “ammunition purchase permit”
        REQUIRE that ammunition sales are recorded in a new gun owner database

        Newsom has already duped hundreds of thousands of Californians that have signed his petitions to put this on the November ballot.

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